How to log onto the Tyco Training website and register for an optional course.



Use this procedure to log onto the TFS Learning LMS and register for an optional course.


Perform this procedure when you need to take a web based course that is available to more than one Tyco business segment.


·         Your computer is configured to meet the TFS Learning LMS specifications.

·         You have registered for an account on the TFS Learning LMS.

Menu Path

Use the following menu path(s) to begin this task:

·         Open the Internet Explorer application.

·         Navigate to the website.

Helpful Hints



1.       Start the task using the menu path.

      Tyco On-Line Training Portal

2.       As required, complete/review the following fields:

·         User Name:

·         Password


3.       Click  .

      Tyco On-Line Training Portal - Welcome

    Depending upon your Tyco Business Segment, the appearance of this screen may vary.

4.       Click  .

5.       Click .or the  link.

    If you have a limited access account, you may only see the  option under the Take Training option.  If this is the case, you can still access the optional course by selecting the  link.

6.       Perform one of the following:


Go To

The system Displays the Limited Access Account Detected screen

Step 7

The system Displays the Select View dropdown screen

Step 8


      Tyco On-Line Training Portal - Limited Access Account Detected

7.       Click  .

      Select View

8.       As required, complete/review the following fields:

·         Select a view from the dropdown list below and click submit.


9.       Click  .

      Tyco Fire and Security Learning Management System

10.     Click  to see a list of optional courses available to you.

      TFS LMS

11.     Click  next to the optional course you wish to Enroll in.



The course you selected is a web-based course

The course will automatically launch within an Internet Explorer browser window.

If you selected a curriculum or Instructor led course

The course you selected will appear by clicking the  on the left hand side of the


12.     Click  to see a list of all courses that you have enrolled in.


You have enrolled in an optional LMS course.


If you have any questions regarding optional courses, please contact your Local LMS system administrators.  A list of Local LMS system administrators can be found by clicking the   button located on the left hand side of the TFS LMS website.